Student Entrepreneurship

If you are a student (or former student) at the IT University and have an idea that you think has commercial potential, then you may be interested in Startup Programme.

The Startup Programme is a programme offered to entrepreneurial students and alumni from the IT University who seek support to develop their business ideas. The programme is a staged process where participants can get access to support and advice in order to grow their business. The programme is offered by ITU Business Development in collaboration with the IT University and a number of external partners and investors.

New participants are admitted all year except for a short brake during the summer.

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Vlad Gidea

Incubator Manager

Short meeting

If you are not sure how we might be able to help you develop your startup project, or if you would like to know more about the student incubator, feel free to contact us.

We can answer any additional questions you might have and we can schedule a meeting with our Incubator Manager to further discuss how we might be able to support your startup.